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40" Landscape Freestanding Infra Red Multi Touch Display


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Product Overview

A freestanding Infra-red Multi touch screen

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Plug the screen into a Windows computer and you can take advantage of the new Multi-Touch features. Zooming in and out of photographs, maps and text becomes a direct manipulation using two fingers. Orientate and position your documents on the screen the way you want them effortlessly and quickly. It’s tough too. Users have used all kinds of objects to control the screen, and it’s reassuring to know that the screen carries a Mohs hardness rating of 7, giving it the same hardness as quartz. Gone are the days of having to clean projector filters, and replacing expensive failed lamps. All displays use an infrared Multi-Touch screen system which is ideal for public locations as a finger, gloved hand, pen or stylus can be used as a pointer. Activating the screen requires no pressure so will incur less damage over time. Unlike capacitive touch screens, infrared touch screens do not require any glass patterning. Not only does this improve optical clarity, it also increases its durability.


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